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New :D

2010-02-08 09:55:11 by limpan93

I hope I get scouted soon xD Not really sure about how the system works but I think I'll get it sooner
or later :P
Anyway here is my deviantart gallery if you want to see some more pictures from me:


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2010-02-08 10:31:14

I´m a bit too lazy to give a full explanation, but I´ll tell you the basics (around the art portal, I guess that´s what you want to know).

In order to get scouted you need to upload a minimum 4 pieces of quality art (done it seems), then it´s just a waiting game from there on as a scouted artist (only scouted artists can scout people, but all scouted users can scout others) needs to find your work and determine whether it´s worth being scouted or not (only the decision to scout you affects you as the other does nothing).

More than that you´ll have to read the FAQ on art: _art_submissions


2010-02-08 10:32:52

Oh and you can put your DA link under contact info to the left by putting the link in web URL in here: tprofile


2010-02-08 10:53:01

Fuck you.